Top 5 Wedding Makeup Trends in Australia

Nobody plans for their wedding to be a logistical headache, but if you don’t do your planning well enough, it might dampen what ought to be the most romantic day of your life. Every bride deserves to feel and look beautiful on her special day, so whether you choose a professional makeup artist or the do-it-yourself route for your bridal makeup, you want to stand out and be trendy – so to help you here are the top 5 wedding makeup trends in Australia.

It’s your wedding day, which means you can dress however you like. There are no fixed rules for wedding makeup – it’s completely up to you how you want your makeup look to be for your wedding day. With the natural beauty trend stealing the spotlight this year, most makeup artists, like the team here at Makeup By Dalia, recommend keeping it natural.

Heavy bridal makeup looks can be uncomfortable and doesn’t always look good, especially if the location of the wedding is in a humid environment. One of the biggest wedding makeup trends right now is showcasing your natural beauty through the use of light and subtle makeup.

For more inspiration, check out these top bridal makeup trends that will not just make you look but also feel beautiful.

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

A “clean beauty” approach is for brides who want to maintain a natural look but with a slightly elevated version. When done right, this look is luminous, delicate, elegant, and natural in the most understated of ways.

This style is all about using a few purposeful products to highlight your skin for a radiating bridal beauty. To get this look, use a moisturizing and hydrating serum first, then a primer that blurs pores. Finally, apply a luminous foundation on top to complete the look. The luminous finish will make you a glowing bride without appearing too bulky or flashy on your face.

Avoid bold lips with this look and opt for rosy hues for a warm glow. Many brides opt for natural hair styles for a casual and elegant look.

Statement Lips

There isn’t a makeup look that is more classic than bold lips providing the perfect balance to a neutral, subdued and natural look! This is for everyone – irrespective of skin tone. Brides wanting to introduce the wow factor in their makeup can opt for this look on their wedding day.

However, for the best results, you need to make sure the rest of your look balances out your bold lips perfectly. For instance, the bridal hair shouldn’t be too over the top and steal the spotlight from your lips.

Similarly, you should pair it with lightweight mascara and fluttery lashes for the perfect look. Statement lips are a must-have for a classic and elegant wedding day look. Brides pair it with neutral makeup to make the bold pop of colour the focal point, whether it be a bright coral, powerful red, flamboyant pink, or mesmerizing fuschia.

Pick a colour that flatters your skin tone and works well with other elements of your wedding ensemble, like the bouquet or arbour’s flowers. You want to look your best on your wedding day while being true to your typical aesthetic.

Brides used to favour the modest nude lip, but in the coming year, bold and vibrant lips will be the latest make-up trend as now most brides favour a statement lip over eyes with a heavy lash line.

Lashes and Metallic Details

Luxurious lashes and dazzling eyes are ideal for daytime and nighttime wear on your special day, ensuring that you are the centre of attention. Metallic colours are on trend right now, creating an elegant make-up look for your big day.

Stay on top of the latest trend by opting for a make-up look that has a subtle shimmer. You want to look as dazzling as you can, so take your pick of subtle shimmer with glittery eyes and metallic lips.

Consult your makeup artist when selecting metallics for your wedding-day ensemble because you should choose one that suits your skin tone. To bring a golden touch to your appearance on the big day, your bridal hair should ideally be textured with a simple and natural hair style.

As a general rule, it is advisable to choose lashes that are only 4-6 mm longer than your natural lashes so that you can maintain a natural look even when you’re glamorous. By their very nature, lash extensions will give drama and an opulent style to your look on your wedding day.

Therefore, to balance your face, match them with other neutral beauty accents and a hint of gorgeous, shimmer eye shadow. Shiny eyes are more about grace than they are about making a statement. Don’t be afraid to experiment to achieve the perfect style for your big day.

Blushed Cheekbones

Blushed cheeks are making a comeback, and they’re adorning weddings all around Australia. They’re soft, feminine, and romantic. A colour scheme immersed in blush pink tones produces a “naturally flushed” skin, accentuates your cheekbones, and imparts a healthy glow and flawless skin. It’s one of the most popular makeup trends among brides.

This look will brighten and add a lift to your natural skin. Just a hint of colour to brighten your natural look for a clean, beautiful look.

Because you may go overboard with the blush, which doesn’t go well with flash photography at weddings, let a friend or make-up artist guide you with this. A quick tip for brides opting for this look – use cream products for your skin for the best results for this look. It enhances the colour of your skin in the most natural way.

Make sure to choose a colour palette for blush, eyes and lips that best complements the bride’s complexion for the most natural wedding look. As a general rule, brides with a fair or light complexion should choose a light pink colour palette; light to medium skin should choose a peachy pink shade; olive skin should choose a deeper pink and darker skin tones in warm and vibrant blushes.

A lot of comebacks this wedding season

Luminous and sheer cosmetics have become more popular, along with earthy tones. The resurgence of romantic, feminine cheeks also indicates that brides are preferring a natural yet sophisticated look. These are some of the latest makeup trends for the wedding season.

It’s your wedding day, and there should be no compromise on anything! So, go ahead and look your best by getting in touch with Sydney’s best make-up artist, Dalia Ataalla. Book an appointment at Makeup By Dalia by calling her on 040 404 6733 or clicking here.

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Q1: How can I look radiant and sun-kissed for my wedding day?

Ans: A bronzer may add warmth and give your skin a natural-looking tan so you can look radiant and sun-kissed for your wedding. Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones, brow bones, and nose bridge.

Q2: How far in advance should I schedule my bridal makeup?

Ans: A minimum of two to three months prior to the wedding is advised for planning your makeup. This will allow you enough time to experiment with numerous looks with the make-up artist and even decide what to wear. Additionally, it helps you prepare better for your big day.

Q3: What shades of lipstick are popular for weddings in Australia?

Ans: Popular shades of lipstick for weddings in Australia include reds and pinks. A classic red lip is always timeless, or you can opt for a bold pink for a more playful look.

Q4: How can I achieve a natural, dewy makeup look for my wedding?

Ans: The key to achieving a natural, dewy makeup look is to start by focusing on your skincare routine. Use a hydrating moisturizer and primer before applying your foundation. Use a sheer, dewy foundation and concealer, and add a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones and brow bones for a natural glow.