Should You do Your Hair or Makeup First for Wedding?

Should you do your hair or makeup first for your wedding day is an age-old debate. There are pros and cons to both methods, however, getting both your hair and makeup done early can save you precious time on your wedding day.

Agree On A Planned Time Slot

A professional beauty team usually creates a hair and makeup timeline with an assigned time slot for each, ensuring optimal use of your time during the getting ready process. A planned time slot can help manage time better on your wedding day, but may not be the ultimate solution to the debate: should you do your hair or makeup first for the wedding?

The Time Of The Ceremony

Most brides particularly if they have an early ceremony time prefer getting their wedding day hair and makeup done first, leaving touch-ups for later. However, if you don’t want to risk getting your dress ruined, push your wedding day beauty timeline to after you’re ready.

Should You Get Your Makeup Done First?

Deciding when to get your hair and makeup done can be a maddening process on your wedding day. Planning ahead is a thumb rule for a stress-free wedding day.

Getting your makeup done first is a great way to start getting ready, however, there are a few things to keep in mind for the best results:

  • Hot styling tools: If you’re opting for a heat-free wedding hairstyle, getting your makeup done first is a great option. Feel relaxed because now you don’t have to worry about hot tools and sweat ruining your makeup.
  • Pre-styled bride’s hair: If you’re opting for a pre-styled hairstyle that needs only a few touch-ups on your wedding day, you can choose to get your makeup done first. Since hair touch-up time won’t take long, you now have more time for makeup!
  • Time-crunch: Time can become a big issue on your wedding day, especially if the entire bridal party is also getting ready at the same time. Putting your best face forward is always a better solution, so get your makeup done first.

Why Get Your Makeup Done First?

Applying makeup before your get your hair done has its own share of advantages, take a look:

  • Your wedding day hair remains intact and fresh plus it saves your stylists rushing
  • More time for makeup before the photographer arrives
  • Better getting-ready photos with a full face of makeup
  • More chances to be flexible with your wedding day hairstyle

Should Your Hair Stylist do Your Hair First?

There are several instances that call for getting your wedding hair done first before you start applying makeup. Your makeup artist may suggest getting your hair done first if the following criteria apply to your getting ready process:

  • Oily skin texture: Prolonged makeup on oily skin can affect the freshness of your look. In these circumstances, getting your hair done first allows you time to present a clean face sans moisturizer to your makeup artist for the best work.
  • Hot styling tools: If you have hot rollers in your hair or will be using heating tools such as blow dryers, it is advised to get your hair done before your makeup. This will allow you to cool down before you start applying makeup.
  • Hairstyle needs time to set: If you have opted for a hairstyle that might take time to set, or requires the use of a lot of hair spray keeping makeup for the very end is a great way to be running ahead of time.
  • Weather: The weather is a great determiner for your hair and makeup timeline. Especially if it is a hot and humid day, getting your makeup done first can ruin it. In this instance, your stylist might suggest working backward and getting your hair done first.

Why Get Your Hair Done First?

There are several pros to getting your hair done first. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Makeup remains fresh till the ceremony starts
  • Enough touch-up time for your hair without messing up your makeup
  • More time for hair care, particularly if you have dry hair
  • Healthier for your skin due to its non-prolonged exposure to makeup

Consult a Makeup Artist to Help You Decide

Your big day is here and there is so much to do! You can’t waste time deciding when to get your hair and makeup done. Leave it up to your most responsible bridesmaids, wedding planner and the expert makeup artist from Makeup by Dalia to make this decision for you.

Arrange A Trial Session For Your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

You can even book them for a consultation and trial session for hair and makeup for a stress-free wedding day. Makeup by Dalia takes care of everything, so you don’t have to break a sweat over it.

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Select The Right Bridal Package

Their bridal package includes everything starting with assigned time slots depending on how much time it will take to prep certain styles, and ending with professional key items including a makeup kit, ring light and makeup chair. They will also bring assistants and additional stylists to ensure your hair and makeup run smoothly.


How do I prep my skin for my wedding day?

Brides are advised to keep their faces cleaned and moisturised well the night before the big day. Please don’t use harsh facial treatments, makeup applications or tools for at least a couple of weeks before your wedding.

What is the average hair and makeup timeline?

For wedding day hair and makeup, it’s best to be on the safe side so you should allow between 45 minutes to an hour from the arrival time per person for your bridal party and at least an hour for the bride’s hair style.

Will the beauty team at Makeup by Dalia also do makeup for my wedding party?

Makeup by Dalia offers wedding packages for the bride along with other family members as well. With a small additional cost, your package can also help style your wedding party or large group get-ready.