How Long Does Bridal Makeup Take?

Every blushing bride wants to look their breathtaking best on their special day, and having stunning hair and makeup makes the day even more perfect. However, it’s easy to underestimate just how long it takes to do bridal makeup and hair to such a high standard that you look gorgeous on the day and well into the evening. 

So you might be wondering, how long will the bride’s hair and makeup take? The answer: as long as it takes. Each bride is completely different and has their own likes and dislikes.

Sometimes a bride who’s inexperienced with wedding hair and makeup doesn’t even know what they like, so that can take more time.

Preparation Is So Important

Typically when doing our own makeup or hair, it can be done in around 15 to 20 minutes.

A quick brush through the hair, maybe a bun and touch-ups of mascara, a slap of fresh lipstick and you’re done and out the door… right?

But when it comes to your big day and creating your perfect and individual bridal style together with that of the entire wedding party, it’s a different story, and it starts with the preparation.

All too often, brides forget to consider the time and the process required to prepare their skin before applying their wedding day makeup.

Here at Makeup By Dalia, we always recommend that you ensure your face and lips are exfoliated & moisturised well the night before the wedding.

We also recommend that you avoid trying any new or abrasive facial treatments and or facial waxing 1-2 weeks before your big day.

Should You Have A Makeup Trial Before The Big Day?

Getting married can see your stress levels go off the charts, so the last thing you want is anything going wrong with your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

That’s why all the top makeup stylists like Sydney-based Dalia always recommend that you have a makeup trial beforehand, as doing so will not only cover many details it will also make sure that;

You Look Perfect On The Day

The hair and makeup trial will ensure you look perfect on your wedding day.

Understand Which Luxury Makeup Products Works Best For You

It will also allow your stylist to know which of the luxury wedding makeup products they use at Makeup By Dalia are best suited for your skin.

How Long Will Your Hair and Makeup Take

It will give you an understanding of how long it will take to have your hair and makeup done, which is particularly important if you have long wedding hair.

A Great Way To Have Fun

Having a trial makeup session before your wedding is also a beautiful way to have fun and explore different makeup looks and your wedding day hair style.

Meet Your Team Of Makeup Artists

You will also have the chance to get to know your team of stylists and feel comfortable with them before the big day..

How Long Does Bridal Makeup Take?

Having just a simple eye or a more natural airbrush makeup look does not necessarily mean you will spend less time having your bridal makeup completed.

Even if you have flawless skin with no imperfections and require no colour correcting requirements and no need for any eyelashes.

It still takes the time and skill of your makeup artist to create a naturally beautiful bridal look.

For wedding day makeup it’s best to be on the safe side so you should allow between 45 minutes to an hour per service per person for your bridal party and, for a more natural makeup look, at least an hour for the bride.

To create your stunning makeup you can expect your bridal hair and makeup session to take about ninety minutes to perfect your beautifully detailed makeup look.

Remember To Have Fun.

We all know things can get pretty stressful when you’re big day arrives, but just don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

As an award-winning and accredited Makeup Artist in Sydney, NSW, “I love to make my clients happy seeing my brides feeling good, looking their absolute stunning best and ready for their wedding photos”.

To learn more about the very latest makeup trends and beauty services from Makeup By Dalia along with her team of highly skilful, experienced bridal makeup artists

Call Dalia on 040 404 6733 or email her at


Here at Makeup By Dalia, our team of highly skilled makeup artists often get asked questions about how long hair and makeup will take on their big day.

Plus, what beauty timeline do they need to arrange with their bridesmaids and wedding party beforehand?

Should You Consult With Your Wedding Planner About Your Wedding Hair and Makeup?

On your wedding day, you want everything to be absolutely perfect, particularly if you have gone to the expense of investing in a professional wedding planning service.

So it seems only natural that they should be involved in the entire planning process.

Because the bride and groom have worked with their wedding planner on arranging so many details to create their perfect wedding day.

It is only fitting that the wedding planner should help to ensure that the bride’s hair and makeup reflect the occasion and that her sense of style is displayed for all to enjoy at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

How Much Should I Budget For The Wedding Party Makeup?

Many of the Bridal Makeup services here in Sydney tend to offer a variety of prices or will give just an estimate.

Which in some cases can be a little misleading, as you don’t always know what you’re paying for. Whereas the award-winning team at Makeup By Dalia offers a set menu pricing system, with the costs as follows;

  • Bride’s makeup $200

  • Bridesmaids’ makeup $150 per person

  • Junior Bridesmaids (8-14) $100

  • Mother of the bride or groom $150

  • Wedding Trial (in-studio) $150

  • Flower Girls complimentary

By having a menu pricing system you know exactly what you’re paying for, and you can be certain there will be no hidden charges to be added later.

Can Dalia Hair And Makeup Team Visit Me On The Wedding Morning?

Yes, Makeup by Dalia offers a high-end, mobile makeup service created with you in mind that produces beautiful, flawless looks that reflect each bride’s wedding beauty, vision and style.

The team will arrive with a fully equipped makeup kit on the morning of your wedding day.

This contains everything they need to create the perfect wedding day makeup, including a professional ring light (for ultimate & accurate lighting) together with an iconic makeup “director’s” chair.

For total peace of mind, they use only the latest high-quality products and expert techniques that cater for all skin types & tones.

International makeup applications and brands used by the wedding makeup team at Makeup By Dalia include:

  • Make Up For Ever

  • Charlotte Tilbury

  • Nars

  • Natasha Denona

  • MAC

  • Urban Decay

  • Bobbi Brown

  • Laura Mercier

  • Too Faced

They also have an extensive range of Model Rock full strips & individual lash extensions ready to compliment any eye shape and size.

The only thing the team at Makeup By Dalia ask from you is that there is an easily accessible power point in a room with good natural light and enough space for at least one makeup artist and one hair stylist to work comfortably..

Just Sit Back And Relax

Then sit back, relax and be pampered in style while you have your wedding hair and makeup finished and that you are ready for when your wedding photographer arrives.

Can A Makeup Artist Like Dalia Help Me With My Wedding Day Hair?

To save time and a trip to the hair salon and in an effort to keep you stress-free on your wedding day, Dalia and her team of highly skilled makeup artists at Makeup By Dalia work with a selection of fabulous professional hair stylists.

Who together on the morning of your actual wedding day will work to ensure the preparations for your wedding day hair and makeup, along with your bridesmaids’ hair, are all completed within your tight schedule?

The recommendation for your bridal hair styling and for everyone in the wedding party is Hair by Haidi (

For your convenience, you can book Hair By Haidi directly through Dalia.

How Do I Confirm Makeup By Dalia For My Wedding Date?

To confirm Makeup By Dalia for your wedding date, you need to pay a deposit. Y

Once this deposit has been paid in full, your wedding date will be confirmed.

However, you should remember that all deposits and paid booking fees are non-refundable if the wedding date is for some reason later cancelled.

Likewise, if one of your wedding party members cancels their service, the balance will remain the same, or you can replace them with someone else at no additional charge.

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